3 Reasons Why Subliminal Messages Don’t Work

You have probably heard a lot of hype about subliminal messages – about how transformational they can be and how they can change your life overnight.

While this isn’t untrue, it is probably a best case scenario, and everyone experiences different results. Subliminal messages simply work in different ways for different people, and a mild, more gradual result is more common.

If you are using subliminal audio then here are 3 reasons why it won’t work – read these points and make sure you don’t fall into this trap:

  • Don’t expect too much. If you set your expectations too high then you may be disappointed. Most results occur gradually over a period of a few weeks rather than overnight. If you set your sights too high you may give up just as changes are under the surface.
  • Be consistent. Many people start of listening a lot, but then miss a few days and only listen occasionally. For best results don’t go too crazy to start with, just listen once or twice a day and over a week or two and watch the changes grow.
  • Take Action! The most common mis-conception is that subliminal messages do all the work for you – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Subliminal audio is more a tool to help support your goals rather than reach them for you – if however you are serious and do want to change and do plan on proactively approaching your goals then sublimimals can be a great tool and give you an advantage and a better chance of succeeding.