3 Reasons to Wear Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves, gear and apparel seem like just accessories, not much of a necessity, especially something as minute as motorcycle gloves. Truth be told, motorcycle gloves can be very useful, here’s why.

Reason #1 — No Motorcycle Gloves Equals Wet Palms

Motorcycle gloves seem like a useless accessory, maybe just to look cool, but motorcycle gloves really do serve a purpose. Motorcycle gloves prevent your palms from sweating all over the grips of your handlebars. While they may not prevent them from sweating inside the motorcycle gloves, at least they give you a better grip.

Consider this, you are driving down the highway at 60 or 70 miles per hour and your palms are sweaty and you are not wearing motorcycle gloves, you decide to change lanes. You tighten the hold on the grips and move to adjust your handlebars in the direction of the move. Suddenly, you find your hands slipping off the grips causing you to go careening either into the median and heading into oncoming traffic, or into a ditch. Either way, the simple decision not to wear motorcycle gloves that day, could cost you your life along with the possibility of taking others with you.

Reason #2 — No Motorcycle Gloves means Hand Injuries

From the time a person is very small, the first instinct when falling is to put the hands out in front to brace the fall. It doesn’t change as we get older. When you watch someone falling, even if they are falling backward their hands flail in front of them. When you ride a motorcycle, this doesn’t change. When you see a fall coming, your hands go out in front of you, trying to brace yourself for the fall. Without motorcycle gloves, your hands could get broken, bruised bloodied and even severed from the wrists, depending on how bad the accident it.

For your hands, protect them with motorcycle gloves. Without motorcycle gloves, you could bruise your hands badly or worse making it difficult to ride again. motorcycle gloves seems like a simple solution right from the start.

Reason #3 — No Motorcycle Gloves means Numb Fingers

Anyone who has had cold fingers and tries typing on a computer or doing something with the hands that needs great dexterity knows how hard it is to type or grip something when the hands are cold. This same concept applies to motorcycles. Motorcycle gloves can keep the hands and fingers warm. This seems so obvious, but many people don’t understand the importance of warm hands when your at the controls of such a heavy piece of machinery.

Loss of control of a heavy piece of equipment can mean loss of life. Motorcycle gloves can mean the difference between thinking you hit the cruise control and then quickly slowing in front of a car coming at 70 miles per hour. It can mean not putting on the brakes fast enough because without the motorcycle gloves you can’t feel the amount of pressure on the hand controls. Cold hands mean numb fingers, and numb fingers means an accident waiting to happen. Motorcycle gloves aren’t just to look cool.