3 Quick Ways to Treat Hair Loss and Induce More Hair Growth

Suffering from hair loss? Want to know how to rid your hair thinning problems forever? Well, in this article, I will share with some useful tips to prevent and regrow your hair effectively. Rest assured that the method that I am discussing does not involved any hair transplants or injections of any types. Instead, these solutions I am offering are natural, easy and effective for both men and women.


But first, let me tell you what is causing your hair to fall out. Have you heard of DHT or dihydrotestosterone? Well, this is a hormone that has been linked to retarding the growth of hair follicles. And because of this hormone, your scalp is unable to function properly and generate new hair follicles. As a result, no newer hair follicles is replaced those that have grow old and wither off. Without proper treatment, this can lead to permanent baldness.

How To Treat

Now, it is very important you act early. Do not wait till you lose all your hair before taking any actions. It may be too late to do anything when that happens. Instead, my advice for you is use the following tips to prevent further hair loss and induce more hair growth. Remember, if you act early, you can overcome hair diminishing symptoms.

Tip 1 – DHT Blockers

The fastest and most effective way to stem hair losses is to make use of DHT blockers such as Minoxidil. This type of drug is very effective in inhibiting the progress of DHT in the body. With the aid of this DHT blocker, you can prevent the buildup of excess DHT in the bloodstream which limits the growth phrase of hair follicles known as Anagen.

Tip 2 – Herbs

Beside DHT blockers, a good dose of herbs like Saw Palmetto can do wonders to your hair growth. This is because Saw Palmetto (also known as hair restorative herbal plants), can promote healthy hair follicles and inhibit the activity of 5-alpha reductase, which causes DHT to occur.

Tip 3 – Reduce Stress

Try to ensure sufficient rest and stress in your daily life. This is because stress can cause your body to produce more DHT hormones. Learn to relax and engage in leisure activities whenever possible.