3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Head Lice

Lice can be an irritating experience. All of a sudden, you find your prized hair possessed by creepy crawlers whose only purpose seems to be to breed and lay eggs and make your life a general misery. Your scalp itches, and you feel awful. On some days you even contemplate going bald.

Only those who have a louse problem can fully appreciate how irritating it can get. If you suffer from lice, you probably know more than you’d like to about them anyway. But there are a few things to understand about lice if you would like to control them effectively. First and foremost is this – lice have nothing to do with your cleanliness habits. As a matter of fact, lice often prefer clean, soft hair to nest and lay eggs in.

The second is that lice are contagious, and it can be transferred to you by sharing hair care products, a pillowcase, or even a bus seat cover with someone who has lice. You can also have it transferred to your head from another if your head touches someone’s who has lice-usually the preferred way for those pesky lice that found a way to your child’s head at school.

So how do you get rid of lice? It is important to remember that lice are hardy creatures that are not easy to kill. There are, of course, many over the counter poisons and pesticides that are billed to “rid you of lice forever and a day.” Do they work? Yes. However, many of these products can be bad for your scalp or hair, and people have even reported severe hair loss after using them. The worst part is that the lice on your head may be resistant to the poison you use, so that in effect you are doing nothing to them but giving them a warm bath.

Enter natural, pesticide-free cures. They are obviously a great choice for a few reasons:

· They are good for the environment: These poison-free lice cures come from trees rather than from precious derived chemicals. This might also mean that they are cheaper too.

· Lice don’t get resistant to them: unlike pesticides, lice can’t grow a resistance to natural methods of delousing.

· They don’t harm your scalp and can even be good for your hair: Cures like natural oil extracts will not only get you rid of your lice, they will give your hair a healthy glow and bounce – far less than the sapping destructive e effect some over the counter delousing solutions can have.

So what are these magic natural cures for lice? The following lists three of the basic ingredients that you can mostly find at home and how to use them to get rid of lice effectively:

1. Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is an unlikely contender, but it works like a charm for killing lice. Here is how to use it – cover your scalp completely with a few handfuls of mayonnaise, right up to the very edges of your hairline. Put a shower cap on top of this, and keep if on for 2 hours. If you are feeling particularly merciless, you can keep in on the entire night. The lice in your hair will be deprived of oxygen, and will die out. Rinse out afterwards, and wash your hair with a mild baby shampoo.

Vaseline works in the same way as mayonnaise, and may be used in the same way. But it is important to remember that Vaseline can be quite difficult to wash out.

2. Olive oil or coconut oil: These are truly ingenious cures. They dissolve the exoskeletons of the lice, and thus kill them effectively. You can mix coconut or olive oil with a bunch of essential oils, and use it to get rid of lice on your head or your children’s. Do remember to keep it on for two hours or more.

3. Good old combing: Combing has been shown to be the most effective natural way of getting rid of lice. But it can be a difficult process. It’s quite simple: add a conditioner to your hair, and comb your hair strand by strand to pull out all the lice and the nits (those pesky eggs). This works well as it gets rid of the eggs too. You can try using some vinegar to make the eggs a little less sticky.

Lice can be really annoying, but it is important to realize that this is a completely curable pestilence.