3 Natural Penile Enlargement Exercises to Make Your Penis Bigger!

There are different natural penile enlargement exercises that you can use to make your penis bigger, but in this article I will reveal to you some basic natural penis exercises that can help increase the thickness and length of your penis.

Before I show you how to perform these natural penis exercises you should have it in mind that you are not supposed to exercise every day. You need 2-3 days of rest to allow your penile tissues to heal and re-grow to larger sizes. Performing these natural penile enlargement exercises everyday would cause more harm to your penis than good and at the end of the day you would not experience any penile growth. So as anxious as you are for a bigger manhood, I would suggest that you set a timetable where you can perform natural penis exercises and also take days off to allow your penile tissues to heal.

So here are the natural penis exercises that can make your penis bigger:

Before you begin and end any natural penile enlargement exercise session it is very important that you apply heat on your penis by wrapping a face towel soaked in warm water for 5minutes. This heat prevents you from experiencing any injury during and after exercising.

Penis Stretching – This would make your penis longer!

This natural penis exercise is very simple to perform. Use your index finger and thumb to form an ‘OK’ symbol and grab your penile head with a firm grip. Stretch your penis in front of you and keep it in that stretch for 10 -15 seconds. After this shake your penis a bit to restore the flow of blood. Then repeat the stretch again but this time stretch it up, right, left, down and up. For each repetition that you perform make sure you shake your penis to restore blood flow. If it is difficult for you to get a good grip then wrap your penis with tissue paper or a dry towel. You should be feeling the stretch but it should not be painful.

Jelq Exercise – This would make your penis thicker!

To be able to perform the Jelq exercise, your penis must be lubricated. You can use either Vaseline or baby oil. They are easy to get in your home. It is better you perform the penis stretch before the Jelq exercises so that it would be easier to grab your penis than when there is still left over lubrication on it. To be able to do the Jelq exercise you should achieve a semi erection. A full erection is not needed.

Now grab the base of your semi erect penis with an ‘OK’ grip, and then firmly and gently move your hand to your penile head. While doing this, you are pushing blood through your penile chambers. The moment you reach the penile head, change hands and continue doing this for about 100 times in the first week. After the first week increase the repetitions to 125 and keep adding 25 repetitions each week. By the fourth week you should be doing 200 Jelq exercises and then leave it at this. Just like the penis stretch after each repetition shake your penis to restore blood flow.

PC Flex – This would give you stronger erections!

Although performing this natural penis exercise regularly would not give you a bigger penis, but it is a very important exercise in your natural penile enlargement exercise routine because it gives you stronger erections. The PC muscle is the muscle that controls the flow of urine. To locate the PC muscle, whenever you are urinating, stop the flow as if you quickly want to go and do something else. The muscle that allows you to do that is the PC muscle.

To be able to begin experiencing ‘rock’ solid erections, all you have to do is to exercise your PC muscles. And the best thing about these natural penis exercises is that you can do them anywhere. All you have to do is squeeze your penis for 5 seconds and let go. Begin with 50 repetitions a day and gradually keep increasing it by 20 more after every week passes by. You would be amazed at the strength of your manhood after a few weeks of performing these natural penis exercises.

Just like body building, for you to see impressive penile gains you must ensure that you are consistent and persistent in your natural penile enlargement exercises program. This is the only way for you to see impressive penile growth.

One complaint that so many guys have against natural penile enlargement exercises is that they take quite a while to see results. If you are anxious about seeing results quickly, then combine your natural penile enlargement exercise program with a quality herbal penis enhancement pill like Prosolution or VigrxPlus. This would ensure you get the maximum penile gains possible in a very short time.