3 Fantastic Sciatica Homeopathic Herbal Treatments Which You’ve Never Heard About!

Sciatica homeopathic herbal remedies have been used for many generations to cure sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that can be characterized by the following extremely painful symptoms, back aches, degenerative disc disease, chronic pain, back pain, chronic inflammation, torn cartilage, degenerative arthritis, injury, and the psychological effects of acute nerve irritation, among others.

Affecting over 7.5 million people in the United States of America alone, this malady is one of the major conditions that plague adults all over the world today.

A lot of these sciatica sufferers employ many methods to combat their conditions including, but not limited to, the following; maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, keeping fit through performing sensible exercise programs, yoga, acupuncture, acupressure and biofeedback, among others.

The good news here is that sciatica has been known to disappear on its own without the use of sciatica homeopathic remedies, but that is not a usual, common, occurrence. So, for those who need sciatica homeopathic remedies now, this article will reveal 3 fantastic herbal treatments that are proven to work.

#1. Valerian & Other Muscle Relaxants…

A sciatica homeopathic remedy which you can make use of is a herb called Valerian which contains muscle relaxing properties.

You can use Valerian along with other muscle relaxants including, but not limited to the following; chamomile which is a muscle relaxing tea, skullcap, cramp bark, which acts on the nervous system and prevent muscle spasms.

You may also make use of other herbal sedatives like; hops, passionflower, catnip, and so on.

#2. Wintergreen…

Another very effective sciatica homeopathic remedy is known as wintergreen. Wintergreen oil can act as an anti inflammatory when rubbed on the affected area. This is because it contains methyl salicylate.

This property allows wintergreen to be able to help relieve sore muscles, soothe sciatic pain, and relax the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve.

You need to make sure that the oil of wintergreen stays out of the reach of any child(ren) around you because it can be dangerous to them if swallowed. An added security measure which you may take is to ensure that you only purchase wintergreen which is sold in child-proof packaging.

#3. Willow…

Willow is a known painkiller containing salicin. Salicin is a substance which is similar to aspirin. You should take willow in supplemental or tea form to get relief from sciatic nerve pain.

Willow can occasionally cause you to experience side effects like an upset stomach so you need to be prepared in the event that this happens so as not to go into a panic.

To ensure that you achieve the sciatica homeopathic remedy which you require, you should make certain that you choose a supplement containing about 60 to 120 mg of salicin.

FACT: Most conventional treatments for sciatica only work as a temporary band aid solution; they all fail to work in the long run!