3 Excellent Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Below are the 3 most effective natural remedies to cure insomnia (the last is my personal choice) and relieve you of restless nights. Be sure to consult your doctor before trying any of these natural remedies.

1. A Sleep-Friendly Diet

The Good: Certain amino acids can help your sleep, brain chemistry to promote good sleep. Drinking milk and eating a bit of high-quality carbohydrate snacks (sorry, no cookies) can boost the chances of a restful night. Also, you must make sure your income of magnesium is adequate as it is an essential nutrient to your sleep and deficiency may be the cause of many peoples' problems.

The Bad: This includes all of the things that are enemies to your well deserved sleep. Such substances include caffeine, which can be found in soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Studies have proven that it has adverse effects on sleep so make sure your consumption of it is low. Also make sure you do not eat sugar-rich foods before you sleep, it may cause a temporary increase in energy that will keep you tossing and turning.

2. 123-ABC Meditation for sleep

Another easy natural remedy for insomnia . There are many different methods of meditation but plan 20 minutes before you sleep tomorrow and try this:

1. Go into a quiet room where you will be undisturbed

2. Get an object you can focus on, most prefer a candle.

3. Get into a relaxed, comfortable position and focus only on the object while promptly smashing any random thoughts that begin to float around in your mind.

4. Inhale deeply through the nose and count each exhalation out load in sets of 10

If you do this until you feel a clear sense of relaxation and peace of mind, then crawl back into your bed and await sleep, it should come very quickly.

3. Brainwave Sleep Music (Most effective and easy in my opinion)

Brainwave music is not to be confused with "Get to sleep now" CDs because they have been scientifically proven to promote sleep phenomenally. Your brain is always working at different frequencies at different times of the day. Deep, dreamless sleep (the best type and most restful) is caused by the lowest frequency or Delta. Very few people ever get Delta quality sleep but with brainwave music, your brain is pushed into achieving this state naturally.

Have you ever hit a tuning fork and then saw that another one started vibrating at the same exact rate? Your brain is the same way. Brainwave sleep music is the best natural cure for insomnia in my opinion because it works instantly, certainly, and is the easiest remedy to apply. Just put the music on your iPod and listen to it as you're going to sleep and sleep will quickly get you. The power of this is not taken lightly, if you were to listen to it as you were doing your daily work you would feel incredibly tired and groggy and would have trouble doing simple things such as driving!

There is but one problem with this natural cure for insomnia, there are many fraudulent products that claim to have the scientifically determined REAL frequencies for Delta but in reality, fail utterly. They include just weird sounds that make you think "ohhh it sounds weird! It must be the real thing" but it is not. I myself have personally found very effective Brainwave Sleep Music that I use every night. Check out the link below to use the natural remedy for insomnia I do to sleep like a baby.