3 Essential Oils Used in Hot Stone Massage Therapy


The use of essential oils in massage therapy plays an important role in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness that comes from incorporating aromatherapy into massages. Aromatherapy has been used for ages to enhance the physical well-being of a person and has also been used in spiritual rituals. The effect of smell on the mind and the emotions has medical and scientific basis.

Hot stone massage has also been practiced for centuries although it was revived in its present form by Arizona massage therapist, Mary Nelson who trademarked the LaStone therapy. Several versions of hot stone massage are practiced in different spas and the use of lubrication’s for aromatherapy is a favorite choice among massage therapists.

Some lubrication’s can be used alone and others need to be mixed, either with lighter lubrication’s or with massage oil to make it gentler on the skin. Lubrication’s are as varied as there are herbs and plants in the world. However, a few have been found beneficial and much easier to use.

1. Basil Essential Oil: this oil is an extract from the basil herb, which has a lot of medicinal properties. It has been used in Europe and Asia for centuries. In India, it is used mostly in the ancient Ayurveda practice. Basil essential oils has a lot of benefits to the skin. It is used in massage to enhance the luster of the skin, working on dull looking skin to make it more healthy looking and lustrous.

The benefits of Basil essential oil are numerous and include pain relief for conditions like arthritis, sports injuries, sprains and headaches. It is also improves blood circulation and has a calming soothing effect that works to cure stress and stress related disorders.

Because of the multi-faceted nature of basil oil, it is a great favorite amongst hot stone massage therapists.

2. Chamomile Essential Oil: this is another favorite among hot stone massage therapists and is widely popular in use during aromatherapy. Chamomile oil has calming and sedative properties and is used to calm the mind and soothe anxiety. It is also used to relieve pain tied to the nerves and for headaches. When used in massages, it should be diluted with a carrier oil.

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus oil is an extract of the eucalyptus tree which is found primarily in Australia. As a oil, it is pretty new on the scene and its benefits are only being gradually discovered. Eucalyptus oil offers relief from pain in the muscles and joints and is usually recommended for people suffering from rheumatism, sprains and aches.

Eucalyptus oil has stimulating properties and is used to get rid of exhaustion and to rejuvenate the senses. It is also one of those lubrication that require a carrier oil because direct application of eucalyptus oil to the skin could cause irritation.

It should however be used with care especially when used on clients with high blood pressure and epilepsy. This is because eucalyptus oil has cooling properties and is usually used to bring down raging fevers. The sharp scent of the essential oil could also pose as a trigger asthma therefore people with asthmas should use it with care.

There are several essential oils that can be used for hot stone massages, which incorporate the use of aromatherapy. Each one has healing and soothing benefits and are highly recommended.