3 Dangerous Effects Processed Foods Have For People With GERD, Heartburn, Or Acid Reflux

Dangerous, but subtle and crafty in a way.

A regular consumption of processed foods in the long run has a tremendous negative effect in one's digestive system, giving way to some diseases such as GERD, acid reflux, constipation, gastritis and many more. These kinds of "foods" have become quite popular and have been treated more of a necessity over the last decade. Technology has caused us great advances in every facet of our lives, although that would be excluding our eating habits. The concept of getting one's meal fast, quick and hassle-free has created a mindset and a culture that is far from the basics, and their results can clearly be seen:

1. Processed foods have no nutrients. – You can end up overly consuming a lot of these foods, but still end up under nourished. In actuality, they provide no usable stuff for your body, and even use up a ton of digestive energy, which then simply turns to nothing but waste. That's why whenever you finish that box of chocolate chip cookies, or pack of tortilla chips, you still end up hungry. Zero nutrients.

2. Processed foods have no water. – In one of my articles, I stressed the value of having high-water content foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. The water contained in these foods is used to carry nutrients into your body and cleanse your digestive system as well in the process. In the opposite end, water is not a present and popular ingredient in processed foods, and the result is they just add to your waste pile, making you even more toxic.

3. Processed foods leave you hungry again and again. – I partly touched on this in my first point. That hunger feeling that your body has is triggered by a need for real food, specifically nutrients from real food. It is not for something to occupy that space in your stomach. Because processed foods have no real nourishment, even though your stomach may be physically full, your body thinks it still needs more food due to the fact that it has not received any real nourishment from what you put into your stomach.

Keep making this a habit and the vicious cycle will just continue. You feel hungry, then you'll eat more. You'll feel hungry again, and you'll eat more again. If you have a digestive disorder right now, I'm sure you know one of the major reasons why it got there in the first place. If you want to look for a natural cure for your GERD, acid reflux, or any stomach problem you have, you can try doing yourself a favor by spending the majority of your time in the grocery story where the real, fresh foods are located.