24k Gold Among New Skin Care Miracle Ingredients

The gold rush is on! No, not the California gold rush, silly. This is the skin care gold rush! After years of testing, there are now several products on the market using real gold in their skin care products. When people say you look “golden,” that now takes on a whole new meaning!

Gold is among its all time highs in price. Trading around $900 at time of writing this article, we’ve seen it used in many formats, from jewelry, to trading, and now, skin care. Why is gold used in skin care products all of a sudden, you ask? It is extremely marketable, of course….but that doesn’t mean it works, does it? Let me show you a few examples of where it has been used in the skin care industry and show you some science of why people are saying this is the next big breakthrough in skin care.

One unnamed company states on its website “The greatest cosmetologists, scientists and researchers worked together using their knowledge and experience to create the most unique and advanced cosmetic formula.” Ok, that all sounds great, but where is the research? Well, after digging it up myself, here is what I found.

Dating back to Chinese medicine, gold has been used in situations like using gold massage rollers on faces in royalty. It’s been reported that in these ancient times the gold was said to firm the skin, give it a glow, and reduce wrinkles. Science reports that under the action of gold, the skin receives a higher amount of blood to the area, which activates cell regeneration. It’s also said that gold is closely connected to the electrons under the skin cells, and the presence of gold diminishes fine lines and wrinkles with each treatment.

Gold has been used in fighting rheumatoid arthritis by reducing inflammation. Gold maintains anti-inflammatory properties.

If you take a look around your nearest mall, or even do a search on Google, you will see all sorts of new eye serums, wrinkle creams, and facial moisturizers infused with gold. They do come with a higher price point, but in my research, customers have been very happy with the results. Take a look around and do some of your own due diligence, (always) and see what products you find around you that have gold in them. The packaging is amazing! I highly recommend this new scientific breakthrough. Who would have thought, gold makes us look “golden”?