2 Warts Varieties That Can Be Painful

A wart is a small, rough growth, occurring somewhere on the skin. Warts are caused by viral infection, the virus in question being the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are many different types of warts, as classified according to their appearance, their causative agent (the type of human pappiloma virus responsible for them), and the part of the body they occur.

Some types of warts tend to be quite painless, whereas others have a tendency to be painful.

Examples of warts that don’t tend to be painful include the so-called common wart (scientifically identified as the verruca vulgrais), the flat wart (scientifically identified as the veruca plana), and the genital warts. Of course, there are instances where even these types of warts can be painful (depending on where exactly they grow), but their general tendency is to be quite painless.

The typically painful types of warts

But there are certain types of warts whose typical nature is to be painful.

1) One of these of these typically painful types of warts is plantar warts. The plantar wart is scientifically known as the verucca pedis. Indeed, this is the only thing many people know as a ‘wart,’ as the previously mentioned types of warts are rarely identified as such by many people outside the medical establishment.

The term pedis in their scientific name (verucca pedis) implies that they tend to affect the feet, on the soles. The specific part of the foot-sole where you will tend to find a plantar wart is at the pressure spots. What sets the plantar wart aside is the fact that it tends to have black specks in it, and it tends to manifest as some sort of a lump on the afflicted part.

The plantar wart can indeed be rather painful. The situation is made worse by the fact that, as mentioned earlier, it tends to afflict the pressure spots on the foot soles; making walking a pain in the realest sense of the word.
Another type of wart that can be painful is the mosaic wart. The mosaic wart is in fact a compounded form of the plantar wart, previously explored. In other words, the mosaic wart is in fact a cluster of the plantar warts. You will tend to find the mosaic wart on the soles of feet. Another common location for the mosaic wart is on the hands.

2) Like the plantar wart, the mosaic wart can be rather painful – seeing that in it, we just have a multiplicity of the plantar warts.

While many people are able to let the other types of warts be, and await for the body’s immunity to eventually assert itself over them, the painful types of warts – like the plantar wart and the mosaic wart are quite intolerable. These tend to get people rushing to get treatment for them. Thankfully, treatments for these painful warts tend to be quite successful, so that the people afflicted of them don’t have to live in agony.