12 Effective Herbal Remedies for Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Insomnia may be defined as a difficulty in sleeping or maintaining sleep or both. Insomnia is sleeplessness which leads to low quality and quantity of sleep. One can not specify the number of hours required to sleep because every body's need is different according to their lifestyle and work. But on an average, it is said an individual requires anywhere in between 7 to 9 hours of healthy sleep for the body to function properly during the next day.

If the sleeplessness lasts for few days, it is known as transient insomnia, whereas if it lasts for more weeks, it is known as short term insomnia. It is called as chronic insomnia if the symptoms last for longer than three weeks. Women, people under stress, travelers, aged people, pregnant women, and alcoholics are more prone to get this condition. Anxiety and depression also raises the risk of getting insomnia. Effective insomnia treatment may be undertaken if it is caused by a reversible factor. Sleeplessness caused by aging for example can not be reversed. Factors that can result in short term sleeplessness are jet lag, stressful conditions, medical condition, certain medications, alcohol or uncontrolled physical symptoms like coughing, diarrhea, etc.

The symptoms can be poor concentration, accidents, fatigue, memory loss and impaired motor coordination. Herbal remedies for sleeplessness are available and certain medications are also present in the market. These medications like sedatives and anti depressions can cause side effects and also determine to be effective once the body gets used to them. Other ways to sleep healthy are not to oversleep, avoid alcohol and smoking, do not sleep hungry, do not consume caffeinated drinks before sleeping, relax with a soothing bath, listen to soothing music, remain stress free and avoid taking naps in the afternoon.

Herbal remedies for sleeplessness are effective insomnia treatments. Some of the herbal remedies for sleeplessness are as follows:

1. St John's Wort: This herb prolongs the deep sleep cycle.

2. Valerian: This is a popular herb and is used for treating insomnia.

3. Kava: Kava has sedative properties and helps to relax being an effective insomnia treatment.

4. Passion Flower: Passion flower relaxes the muscles in the body and Promotes sleep.

Chamomile: Chamomile has been used to make tea and it has mild sedative properties.

6. Hops: Hops is also used to make herbal tea which aids in promoting sleep and eases indigestion.

7. Oat Straw: This nourishes and relaxes the nervous system therefore being one of the effective herbal remedies for sleeplessness.

8. Skullcap: This herb is known to promote sleep too.

9. Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm is useful in the condition of sleeplessness.

10. California poppy: California poppy induces sleep and helps to relax.

11. Jamaica dogwood: This herb eases pain and is good in the condition of insomnia.

12. Wild Lettuce: Wild Lettuce is used for inducing sleep and relieving pain.

Apart from taking these herbal remedies for sleeplessness, an effective insomnia treatment is taking herbal baths and consuming herbal teas. The herbs mixed with warm bath water increase the sedative properties of the herbs. Also the fragrances of the herbs calm the body and mind. Herbal teas had before going to sleep can aid getting healthy sleep. Aaram capsule is an effective herbal remedy for sleeplessness that you can take safely without worrying about the side effects. A healthy quality sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and mind!