10 Signs and Symptoms of Depression or a Depressive Episode in Bipolar Patients

It is important to understand the signs and symptoms to look for in depression episodes within bipolar patients. Depression is fairly universal, no matter whether a person is diagnosed bipolar or whether a person has been diagnosed with just unipolar depression. In order to be diagnosed with a depressive episode in combination with bipolar disorder, five or more of the following symptoms must be present for an average of five days per week minimum for a period of two weeks or longer. This is what the national Institute of mental health has come up with for a basic guideline on diagnosing a depression episode in bipolar patients.

  1. The first sign and symptom is very obvious within the depressed patients, however they are bipolar not. Looking for long-lasting feelings of in deep moods and extreme sadness in patients is fairly obvious to spot if you pay attention.
  2. If a friend or family member has experienced a loss of interest in activities that once enjoyed, the loss of pleasure in everyday activities is a definite signs and symptoms of depression in a bipolar patient.
  3. If a person has difficulty remembering something from a short time ago, concentrating on one thing at a time and difficulty making simple decisions, such as what to eat for dinner, these are signs and symptoms of depression.
  4. If you know someone that is feeling extremely hopeless or they are extremely negative or pessimistic, this is definitely a sign and symptom they may be depressed. Many times this is seen and not seen with bipolar patients and other individuals who are just depressed.
  5. If an individual is sleeping too much, such as 14 or 16 hours each day without any regard for getting out of bed, this is definitely a sign and symptom they are severely depressed.
  6. If someone has experienced a sudden and extreme weight loss or loss of appetite, this can be a sign of depression as well.
  7. Someone constantly obsessing about death or having suicidal thoughts and even making attempts on their own life is certainly a huge problem and should be addressed with medical care right away.
  8. If someone experiences signs and symptoms of pain in the body that there are no physical symptoms a doctor can verify, this is assigned a patient may very well be depressed.
  9. Extreme fatigue and tiredness, even without excess amounts of sleep, is a sign of depression in bipolar patients.
  10. If a person is extremely irritable and has a lack of patience, this is a side effect of depression.