10 Healthy Ways to Get in a Better Mood

Listen to music – Music can be a powerful tool; it can break you out of a funk with lyrics that speak to your soul or an upbeat tempo that makes you want to dance. Turn on your favorite song or band and get lost in the music to help your worries melt away.

Add a pop of color – Studies show that certain colors boost our mood and can make us feel better just by looking at them. Change up your wardrobe by throwing on a bright colored shirt, or add a small accent like a scarf or socks that will make you feel happy. The best ones? Yellow and red, experts say.

Tap into your spiritual side – Even if you do not consider yourself religious, focusing on something larger than yourself can make your troubles seem a lot smaller. Sit alone in the quiet and meditate for a while, say a prayer to yourself, or read an inspirational story. This will instantly boost your mood.

Take in some natural light – Sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D in our bodies that can help boost our feelings of well-being immensely. Lack of Vitamin D has been linked to depression in several studies. Basking in the sun (with sunblock on) for just 10 to 20 minutes can put you in a better mood.

Be generous – Doing something for someone else does not just send out good vibes, it can be a great way to make you feel better. Get a joyful feeling by making a small, unexpected gesture to a complete stranger. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you, help carry the groceries of an elderly person to their car, or give a homeless person some spare change or leftovers. Seeing a smile on another's face will put one on yours as well.

Exercise – Even if you just go for a short 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, exercise has been proven to bring on feelings of well-being. This article from http://balanceddaily.com lists exercise as one of the top 10 natural mood boosters. It will not only increase your energy to make you feel better, it will release endorphins in your brain; the "feel-good" chemical responsible for pleasure and joy.

Nurture yourself – Take a little time to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good. Take a soothing bubble bath, paint your nails a pretty color, or set some time next to take a small nap. Making yourself a priority and spending a little "you" time will push those other negative thoughts aside.

Stop and smell the roses – Numerous studies have proven that a certain scent, like lavender, can relate feelings of anxiety and tension. Light a candle in the room you're in, or rub on some lotion that has a smell you love. Instantly boost your mood by triggering one of our most sensitive senses.

Call a friend or relative – Sometimes all you need to do to feel better, is get all of your negative thoughts off of your chest. Vent a little to someone you know is a great listener and gives good advice. Having others understand how you're feeling and allow you to talk about your feelings can do wonders for a bad mood.

Break out of the box – Doing something unexpected to break out of your ordinary routine, can make you feel happy and upbeat. Often times we can get stuck in a rut that seem never-ending. Small novelty's like whip cream to top your coffee, or a fun new ringtone for when your phone goes off can make you feel great.