10 Deadly Twitter Sins

With the coming of giant social media sites like Twitter there are bound to be a large number of people using the site in the wrong way. They may have good intentions but are going about it entirely the wrong way.

These are the deadliest of the many Twitter sins that you will see happening everyday out there. And how you can avoid them so they you do not fall misfortune to their trap.

1.) Your Profile Pic – Do you have an imagine of yourself posted in your Twitter account? If you do not it is important that you put a picture of yourself. Usually a close up picture of your face is best so people can tell its you very easily.

2.) Twitter Background – Is your Twitter background still the default? If it is, you must change it because your Twitter background is seriously one of the most powerful ways to personally brand yourself to all of your followers.

3.) User Name – Does your user name brand you as a professional? If your user name on Twitter says something funny or outlandish that is all good. But if you are using your account for business then you will probably want to use your own full name.

4.) Your Tweets – Do your Tweets reflect the Three E's of Twitter? Every single one of your Tweets should do one of the following as a general rule of thumb. Entertain, Enlighten, or Enrich.

5.) Twitter Links – All of your Twitter links should send people to a place of value and great content. No more landing pages or sales pages. If people like your message and who you are they will naturally want to learn more about you.

6.) Twitter Bio – Does your Twitter bio grab peoples interest? If it does not you are doing it all wrong. The purpose of the bio is to get people interested in what you have to say. If it's something that sparks curiosity, then you are on the right path.

7.) Are You Favoring Your Tweets? Many people do not know about this for some reason but you can add a star to any your favorite Tweets by clicking on the star in the upper right hand corner of any Tweet.

8.) Conversation / Interaction – Are you interacting with your followers? The most important part of being on any social media site is interacting with your followers because they are real people just like you. Treat them as such.

9.) Updates VS Followers

– Are your amount of updates relevant to the amount of followers you have? If you have thousands of followers but hardly any updates, people will think of your as a spammer.

10.) Twitter Value

– How many people talk to you first? By the amount of people that try to initiate conversations with you will tell you how well your presence on Twitter is being perceived. You want good recognition and great things said about you. If you got that, you are on the right path.